Thinking about Buying and Operating a Board and Care?

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Caring for our seniors is a noble, important, and challenging task, and those facility owners who manage to do it with unconditional love and commitment.

While at the same time make an honest and decent living out of it – they have all seemed to me to be incredibly satisfied, and fulfilled on a level that many other professions probably won’t offer.

My number one tip for anyone thinking about embarking on the adventure of owning a senior care home:  Hire, and surround yourself with awesome people that you trust, and care for.   Knowing that if you have to leave your facility for a few hours, or to possibly take a day off – that business will be taken care of, and your residents will be in good hands.   Your residents will become your family, and so will the people working for you, and with you. If you want to speak to me and have a Free personal Consultation where I show you HOW you can own your own board and care, serve others and the community, Book a Consult here

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